Traffic stops are stressful for both police officers and drivers. In some circumstances, routine traffic stops have resulted in the loss of life for both innocent officers and innocent drivers.


The Unreacher may be used as a tool to bridge the gap between law enforcement and drivers during routine traffic stops. The Unreacher is a document storage device that conveniently attaches to your auto visor. By storing documents commonly requested during a traffic stop in the Unreacher attached to an auto visor, a driver should not need to reach down or around. This may reduce the likelihood that an officer believes the driver is reaching for a weapon.

Gifting an Unreacher to someone is an opportunity for dialog. You may discuss safe conduct to be practiced during a routine traffic stop. The goal is to create an opportunity for drivers and officers to have dialog in their communities to facilitate understanding.

In these time of unrest and distrust, we believe there is a way to heal, communicate, and reduce the risk of possible deaths during a routine traffic stop.