Post photos of yourself or videos in potential voting outfits and hashtag #dress2vote and #dress2vote challenge. In the photos, showcase your enthusiasm as you pretend to strut down the runway, or motion like you will cast a ballot. Have fun and inspire others to vote!

Why #Dress2Vote?

There has never been a time in history where our votes mattered more. In an effort to encourage pride in voting and increase voter turnout, Unreacher has penned an anthem, #dress2vote. The song’s theme is that we must be present, putting our best foot forward, and be proactive in our preparation for selecting a candidate to best serve the needs of our communities and our nation.

One goal is that #dress2vote would be a call to action for the presidential election of 2020 and for any and all elections going forward. That local and national radio stations would play the song when a local or state election is coming up as a signal for members of the community to prepare to vote.

How will you #dress2vote? Who will watch you as you prepare to #dress2vote?